About us

About us

Your sustainable story

Our story

Love for nature. Respect for tradition. Passion for work. This is 123zero, a line of natural beauty products. It’s the people nehind it.

We live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. The snowy mountain tops of the Alps, the warm Mediterranean, and the vast Pannonian plain surround us. We’ve grown from the beauty around us that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Here we are, in this moment, but we won’t be here forever. To pass on to the next generations our joy and bliss, we feel a duty to contribute our share to the preservation of the beauty that we breathe. With our know-how and tradition, we can create something that’s beneficial for our society without harming nature. People and nature are interconnected and our hearts beat for both. This is our story.


Love for nature

People and nature are inseparable. We feel respect and humility towards nature and the environment, convinced they always guide us in the right direction. The source of our inspiration, nature gives us happiness and life.


Respect for tradition

The inspiration for our methods comes from a rich family tradition in making beauty products. Building upon that tradition with a fresh take on the world, we use the most modern methods for creating natural and environmentally friendly hair and body products. We are very proud to be able to marry the richness of tradition and experience with science.


Passion for work

We love a good challenge. What began as an idea became a mission in 2018. Our desire shone brightly in us when we presented the mission to the world a year later in Brussels. At the end of that same year, we were already part of the program for limiting plastic waste at the Delft University. In 2020, the Slovenian branch of the EIT Climate KIC program offered us support and we partnered up with the Chemical Institute Ljubljana to further develop materials and packaging. Today, we proudly offer our products to everyone who wants premium body care while protecting nature.


A manifesto


Commitment to nature

We feel a responsibility towards nature.

We believe in the possibility of a clean world that once was. 123zero products are made from 100% natural ingredients with zero environmental footprint, leaving behind only the pleasant and blissful sensations.

Our products are our life’s work that we’re blessed enough to live everyday.

The passionate and unwavering commitment in the values of 123zero products is as real as the air we breath and the love we feel for our planet.


Trust in know-how

The 123zero team is guided by the commitment to the environment and the love for a clean and bright body and soul.

We take care of both with dignity.

Striving for perfection.

Everything we create is the fruit of precious know-how, supported by decades of experience and our vision for a fair and uncorrupted world.


Caring for a better tomorrow

At 123zero, we want to contribute to the future of our planet.

We trust in honesty and simple, quality living.

123zero products are completely sustainable and kind to nature as well as people,

Our beauty products cause no harm to nature.



We help hotels improve their levels of sustainability.

Nowadays, we travel more and more often, reaching every little corner of the world. The tourism industry has been growing. But we shouldn’t forget about nature, the center of our existence. The 123zero team has a strong and sincere wish to help. We’ve got the momentum and we’ve got the know-how.

Nitty-gritty, ki to ni

About our products


123zero products are made from 100 % natural ingredients that are refreshing and nourishing for skin, hands, and hair. The magical combinations of carefully selected premium ingredients contain several invigorating essences of citrus fruits and fragrant bushes. Thanks to their universally beneficial effects, 123zero products are suitable for all skin and hair types.

There are no microplastics, ingredients of animal origin, parabens, artificial colorants, or other synthetic additives.

Simple yet sophisticated

We take the content of the wrapping containing the hair, body, or hand product and put it on our palm, adding water and mixing it with our fingers until there’s a silky-smooth paste. We gently massage the product into our hair, body, or hands. We rinse with water and enjoy the clean, refreshing sensation.

Thanks to the efficient formula, 123zero products are suitable for whole body care, being especially appropriate for relaxation after a long day due to the contained natural essential oils.


All 123zero beauty products for hair and body come without plastic packaging and do not contain any microplastics or water. The quantity of products is carefully thought-through to not leave behind any unneccessary waste that would burden the environment.

The handy wrapping si made from virgin paper with a biodegradable print. When we open the wrapping, it gets wet and shrinks. We can then dispose of it in the paper bin. What remains is raw material, not waste. The inside is good for people, the outside for nature.

For tourist accommodation, home-use and travels

For you, active citizens of the world

123zero products are available for everyone, even for smaller accommodation facilities, home-use, and for those who love to travel the world.

Are you offering holiday accommodation or vacation rooms with en-suite bathrooms? Show your guests you care about nature and spoil them with unique and sophisticated natural beauty products. There’s no need to order 123zero products in large quantities. The handy paper wrappings hold a magical combination that doesn’t contain any water or liquids. You can take them with you on the plane and effortlessly travel the world without worry. Explore the secret corner of our wonderful planet while you take care of nature and yourself.


Hair, the crown of our face

For beautifully scented and shiny hair. Zero plastic and waste packaging. 123zero products are 100% natural and environmentally responsible. Add water to make a silky paste. Massage the paste into your hair and rinse with water. Enjoy the refreshing sensations.


Good for the soul

… and for silky soft hair. 123zero conditioner is environmentally friendly with zero microplastics or plastic packaging. It comes in biodegradable paper wrapping with a biodegradable print. The conditioner is vegan and not tested on animals.


Our bodies are magical and sacred

For relaxing showers and a long-lasting feeling of a completely clean body. Contains invigorating essential oils of lemon and grapefruit to awaken the body and the senses.


Hands that do good

For perfectly nourished and clean hands with 123zero hand products that take care of the skin and the environment. Unique, sophisticated, and made from 100% natural premium ingredients. Simple to use with minimal environmental impact.

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