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Because your boutique and sustainable guests are worth it.
For the perfect personal care that takes care of people and the environment.


100% natural. 123zero products refreshen and nourish the skin, hands, and hair. The mixtures of premium ingredients contain the essence of lemon, rosemary, and mint.

Simple yet sophisticated

We put the product in our palm and add water to get a silky-smooth paste. We massage the product into hair or body.

Environmentally friendly

Zero plastic packaging, microplastics, and water. The quantity of the beauty product is carefully thought-through to not leave behind any waste.

100% vegan

All 123zero products are made exclusively with plant-based ingredients without animal exploitation or animal testing.

100% natural ingredients

123zero products for the body, hair, and hands are made exclusively from natural ingredients that are not harmful to people or nature. The enticing scents come from the essential oils of lemon, grapefruit, and rosemary.

For all skin types

The carefully selected ingredients in 123zero products are efficient on all skin types. At the same time, the ingredients are incredibly gentle and suitable for the most sensitive skin types.

100% zero plastic

We are proud that 123zero products don't contain microplastics. Instead of coming in plastic packaging, 123zero products are wrapped in virgin paper, a raw material that doesn't burden the environment.

Get free samples

The introductory package contains samples of 3 different environmentally friendly natural beauty products for hair and body care – hair products, body products, and conditioners.
The package contains 6 samples with included shipping costs.

Andreja Černevšek - Hotel LYRA

At LYRA hotel, we are aware of our responsibility to nature. With our actions, we want to operate in a way that won't burden the environment. This is why we love working with 123zero. Our guests love their products. 123zero products offer them perfect care and the luxury feel of high-quality beauty products. The pleasant natural aromas are adored even by our most demanding guests. We are proud of our cooperation with 123zero. We hope others recognize their value, too.

Love for nature, respect for tradition and know-how

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